After the Sale

After Selling your home - there are a number of things that you should be aware of to ensure a smooth closing:

Preparing Documents

  • Ensure that you and your lawyer have a complete set of documents regarding your listing and your sale.
  • Prepare any documents that you have promised to the purchaser (Survey, Warranties, Tarion, etc)
  • Advise your Insurance company (Home & Auto) of your intended move.  Additionally, inform utilities and all other creditors sending bills to the house.  You may want to keep your last day of insurance as 2 business days after the home is supposed to close - just incase your closing is delayed.

Keep things in good working order

  • There should be no substatial changes to the condition of the home between the deal being made and the closing.
  • Maintain the home in good repair & make any repairs that you have promised the Buyer.
  • Ensure smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors are working.

About the Buyer's Final Walk-through

  • It is best to keep it simple & professional if you have to deal with the buyer after the deal is firm.  Resist the urge to get too friendly until after the deal has completed.
  • The Final walk through by the Buyer is intended to ensure that the home is being delivered in the manner in which it was promised.
  • Things that are meant to be in good working order will be checked.  The buyer will probably check that there is no substancial change to the condition of the home and that the promised chattles and fixtures are present and in working order.
  • The Buyer will also likely verify that the Seller will meet their target moving date.

Leaving things at the House on Closing

  • Leave all associate keys at the house. Usually in the kitchen - unless your lawyer or agent advises otherwise.
  • Remember to Leave the mail key & mailbox location (if mail is not delivered to the house).
  • Sometime Leave the blue bins & city provided garbage bins (if applicable).
  • When you leave the house it should be EMPTY and atleast BROOM SWEPT CLEAN.  Eventhough you might think that you are being thoughtful by leaving a shelf or old tiles or matching paint behind, do not do so unless you have a mutual understanding with the Buyer that you will be doing so.
  • On closing, there should be NO GARBAGE or recycling left on the curb for pickup.  In the case where an exception is made and both parties agree  - the Seller should take responsibility to ensure that all garbage & recycling was infact picked up in a timely manner.

If your agent did an Awesome Job for you - please remember to tell your friends.  Your referrals are the best complement that you can give a professional.